The Draw of Online Shopping and Tips for a Successful Holiday Experience

With the holiday season already upon us, most people are spending the most money that they do during a year. For many businesses, this means having a nice, full quarter of revenue. In fact, it’s a time period that businesses rely on in order to make a significant, visible profit.

By now, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the past for 2015, but that doesn’t mean that shopping is over. There are still many deals to be had up until Christmas–and even after, too. So, not surprisingly, as a consumer the chances that you’ll be inundated with offers and emails is extremely high.

This year, like in the past few years, the presence of the Internet has been felt in a dramatic way. While this year there were many people who went out even earlier on Thanksgiving day, a complementary amount chose to just do a few clicks on their computers and not bundle up in order to go out into the cold.

By now, it’s common knowledge that online-only retailers like Amazon have changed the landscape of how people shop. Many brick and mortar stores, like American Apparel, have filed for bankruptcy in recent months. In order to avoid a similar fate, pretty much every business has begun (or continued to) carve out their own space in the world of Internet traffic and commerce.

In contrast to last year where there was a push notification here and there, in 2015 there were so many opportunities to use apps on phones or tablets to access deals in a nearly instantaneous fashion. For example, Amazon made it possible for consumers to take advantage of deals through notifications, and Prime members got a buzz even earlier as a bonus.

Similarly, sites that research and compile deals, such as Brad’s Deals and RetailMeNot, took advantage of apps by communicating with consumers looking for a good deal (or two), as well.

Tips for the Rest of Season

If you’ve been around several holiday seasons, it may feel like you’re just inundated with a ton of information, and you’d rather just avoid it altogether. But we came up with a few tips to keep you feeling good throughout the rest of December.


  • Sleep. You need it, and you function best when you’ve clocked in a good night’s rest; it’s just like the importance of drinking water.
  • Make a plan. Write down everything you need to do and organize it, so you know what’s ahead and how to navigate.
  • Look for deals, but don’t become obsessed. Saving money is possible, and we all want to be the ones that pay the least, but you have to consider your time as a form of money.
  • Remember what the holidays are about and relax. The holidays can feel stressful, but allow yourself to experience the joy and love that come with the season too.
  • Reflect. We always have the ability to learn from our experiences. After everything is done, evaluate and think about how the experience of holiday shopping could be easier in 2016.

Do you have any other tips that have served you well during the holidays? Share it with us!

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